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IMG_0846_fixedIt all begins in our engineering and drafting department. We can take your ideas and develop them into the structure that fits your style and operation. Our state-of-the-art design software can tackle any frame configuration, no matter what the building environment. We utilize the vast building component industry to give you a full menu of roofing and siding choices as well as our own roll-formed products. B&C Steel will work with your architect, contractor or customer to pull your project together. Our attention to detail will tie whatever combination of components you choose into a working set of construction drawings with the security of our single-source responsibility.

What we do in our manufacturing process pays big dividends at your job site. Shop welded base and cap plates, as well as girt and purlin clips, which will save your steel erector countless man-hours in the field. Instead of searching through boxes of loose clips, plates and angles, your crew will be standing columns and rafters as soon as our trucks are unloaded.

Steel I-beam end wall and corner columns and a minimum 4′-0″ wall girt spacing are standard equipment at B&C Steel. Our customers have come to expect our standards of durability and quality. The extra effort in our plant saves you time and money in the field.