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Polar Service Centers is the nation’s largest network of commercial parts and repair facilities dedicated to the tank trailer and tank truck industry (www.polarservicecenters.com).  When PSC looked to expand into the Rocky Mountain region, they chose Can Do Construction to develop their 23,000 SF campus in Casper, WY.  As Can Do’s metal building supplier, B&C Steel provided a streamlined approach for cost-estimating, engineering, and steel fabrication. This metal building has a 5-ton bridge crane to service tank trailers, along with an intricate series of roof I-beams that are part of the ‘fall-protection safety’ that workers latch their harnesses to while servicing equipment.  B&C Steel also supplied the bar joists and decking for 1,500 SF of the mezzanine, as well as the walk doors, and B&C’s ‘R’ panel roof and wall sheeting.