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The best part of working with B&C Steel is our salesman. He takes care of everything quickly and bends over backward to meet our needs. The next best thing is that their steel fits together really good!

Steve Wessels

ABC Construction

We purchased our first B&C Steel building in 1980 and have added five more since then. The first building is still in great condition. Their buildings are very durable. They provide excellent service and the people we work with are great.

Jim Darnell

JD Farms

We’ve been doing business with B&C Steel for 20 years. I think they build superior buildings and are great at complex projects. Some companies shy away from projects that aren’t metal boxes, but not B&C Steel. Their service and delivery times are exceptional. I like that they are a small company and I can call the owner.

Chris McCallum

TPI Industrial Inc.

Over the years I have put up several competing brands, and I’m here to tell you, that nothing goes together like a B&C Steel structure. When we bid steel erection on a job and we know it’s a B&C Steel building, we typically will bid a lower price because we know what we can count on with B&C Steel.

Harold Minge

Owner, Minge Construction

B&C Steel has been very reliable, competent, and professional every time we have dealt with them. Kelley Bean Company will continue to work with them for our future building needs.

Robert Kelley

Chairman, Kelley Bean Company

We use B&C Steel because their standard is quality, performance, and pricing. If I were to describe B&C Steel in one word, it would be solid, just like their buildings.

Hod Kosman

President and CEO, Platte Valley Companies

Being one of Colorado largest steel building erectors, Maverick Steel has erected almost every building on the market. After erecting about 200,000 sq. ft. of steel supplied by B&C, with little to no problems, Maverick elected to make B&C one of Maverick’s primary steel building suppliers. B&C buildings have saved us a lot of money! From getting engineered drawings to steel delivered on the site, everything just runs smoothly. We’ve never had any missing parts, shortages or design problems. This, in turn, saves erection time in the field and your bottom line stays in the black. Save & Exit

Ron Williams

Maverick Steel