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B&C Steel, founded in 1946 and based in Western Nebraska, is a high-quality, highly-experienced manufacturer of custom engineered steel building systems. B&C Steel buildings can be found throughout the United States as well as locations in Argentina and Kazakhstan.

Recent Projects

Why B&C Steel?

Fully Assembled Components
When your crew spends all morning digging through boxes of clips instead of standing up beams, it’s not good. B&C Steel weld-assembles all of our components before we deliver so you don’t need to assemble in the field. Faster completion, better bottom line.


Easy Access to Management
Sometimes you just need to talk to the boss. And as a third generation family-owned business, we get that. B&C Steel is a local business, and we understand that talking to decision makers is sometimes just what you need. So we are here when you need us.


Fixing Our Mistakes
It doesn’t happen often, but if we send you a damaged or wrong part, we’ll dispatch a truck and fix it right away – fast, and at no charge. We know that the last thing you need is for your crew standing around waiting for a part.


Customized Delivery
You need your materials when you need them, not before or after. That’s why we deliver your shipment based on your schedule, not ours. And we will stage your delivery so you’re not climbing over next weeks materials to find what you need right now. Clean!


Of course, everyone advertises quality. B&C Steel stands behind our the quality of our steel and will put it up against any and all competitors.