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Company History

B&C Steel was formed in 1946, the year after World War Two ended. Steel buildings were being shipped back to the States from the South Pacific and were readily available. While some of our experiments back then didn’t pan out, such as steel quonsets sold as family homes, we realized back then that the future was in manufacturing steel products. Lew Reinhardt joined B&C Steel in 1953 after serving in the US Air Force and at the time his partners were M.C. “Shorty” Cannon and John Rogers. Reinhardt went on to become the sole owner of the company and was joined by his son Jim in 1982 who now runs the company. Jim in turn, is now joined by his son and son-in-law, adding to the family legacy.
As a third generation, family-owned company, we have employees who have been a part of B&C Steel for over a quarter of a century. Our longevity in the business is one of the ways we differ from competitors, with a proven track record for quality customer service and superior products. We have a reputation that shows our dedication to our customers, and they know that we will take care of them throughout the development of their project, and for years to follow.
B&C Steel’s quality has remained uncompromised through the years, setting us apart from competitors with quality customer service, durable products and a long-standing reputation for excellence.
Get your project started right. We have design technology to tackle any frame configuration, giving our customers a variety of roofing and siding choices to complete their project. Beyond that, we adhere to a strict quality control program that monitors every component that leaves our doors, giving customers confidence in the products they receive from us.

While searching through the company archives, we found this 33 1/3 vinyl containing a 1949 interview with a B&C sales rep Ken Grennell. Have a listen!