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February 2019 – General Contractor:  Buena Vista Builders

This project is a 6,826 sqft  Sales & Service Center for Target Rental, a Bobcat and equipment rental company.

Project highlights are the use of both vertical & horizontal wall panels, stepped parapets and mansards, two (2) custom mezzanines.

  • Roof panels: Metal Sales 24ga. 24” Seam Loc standing seam (colors – “Ash Grey” & Dark Bronze).
  • Wall panels:
    • Metal Sales 24ga. “IC-72” (color “Dark Bronze”) – both vertical & horizontal installations.
    • Metal Sales 24ga “TLC-2” (color Old Zinc Grey).
  • Facia Panels:
    • Metal Sales 24ga TLC-2 (color – “Patriot Red”)